Brunswick House Schedules 2020

Brunswick House offers 2 self-catering apartments. 


Government guidance (with reference to covid-19) states:

  • Clean areas with warm soapy water and a normal household disinfectant

  • Wear disposable /washing up gloves and aprons for cleaning and use disposable cloths

  • Double bag disposable items and store securely for 72 hours before disposing in regular rubbish after cleaning is finished.

At Brunswick House we are prepared should someone show symptoms of infection whilst staying with us.



Cleaning schedule for rooms

Cleaning as follows:

  • We wear protective clothing and use warm soapy water and clinically approved disinfecting cleaners

  • In areas of where extra cleaning is required, we use extra protection for eyes, mouth, and nose in addition to apron and gloves

  • All hard surfaces with attention to frequently touched areas and surfaces e.g. All bathroom fixtures and fittings, room beverage facilities; also grab rails, bannisters corridors, stairwells door handles and light switches.

  • In the apartments all kitchen equipment, cutlery and crockery are cleaned to ensure complete cleanliness for the next customer

  • Fabric cleaners are also used

  • Surfaces are dried after cleaning

  • If necessary, steam cleaning is carried out

  • Different disposable cloths are used for each room and different cloths for each cleaning agent

  • Cleaning equipment is washed and dried after use



  • All items washed according to manufacturer’s instructions

  • We use the warmest setting possible and dry items completely

  • We clean the laundry room after use and the laundry baskets


  • Bagged and disposed of in the appropriate bin for collection by Amey

  • Where necessary items are double bagged

Personal hygiene

We follow the hand washing protocols described in the “safer food better business” pack and in relation to covid-19 guidance


More information is held in our personal hygiene house rules